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H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd. has over 25 years of experience dismantling a wide variety of structures and challenging projects throughout Ontario.
We provide comprehensive construction management, environmental abatement, demolition, asset recovery and site redevelopment strategies and services.
There is a wide range of environmental and safety issues for both the workers on-site and the general public.
At H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd., we are quite knowledgable and experienced in permit and approval requisites for demolition projects and pride ourselves on adhering to all applicable municipal, provincial and federal requirements in a safe and timely matter.

You can rely on H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd. to complete
any planned or emergency demolition challenges safely, on time and within budget.

Demolition in Progress - Down to just the Beams - H.R. Contracting and Equipment Ltd.

Excavation and Remediation

H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd. is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. That is why we are recognised for implementing cost-effective programs that will restore work sites to viable land.
Our excavation and remediation services include:
  • On-site management of contaminated soil
  • Management and removal of underground tanks, containers and pipes
  • Excavation of contaminated soil
Lets face it, land is a precious resource!
That is why H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd. is dedicated to exploring remediation techniques that will improve excavation and remediation processes as well as the environment and communities in which we live.
Image of a demolition in progress. H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd.

Asset Recovery and Recycling

H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd. offers asset recovery and recycling solutions that will minimize waste materials being sent to landfills and maximize your asset recovery and recycling revenue.
These items may include:

1. Equipment and building materials that can be resold
2. Scrap metal that can be recycled

We have been in the scrap steel industry for over 25 years, and as a scrap metal recycler, we can assist you with identifying, separating, transporting and purchasing your recyclable metal.
Our outstanding relationship with various scrap metal dealers in Ontario ensures you will get top dollar for your recycled metal when you do business with H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd.

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for your planned and emergency demolitions!

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H.R. Contracting & Equipment Ltd.
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